The Yoga Teachers Institute of South Australia Inc. were fortunate to have Michelle Byrne present her Sound Bath at one of their yoga workshops in Adelaide in 2013.
The event was so wonderful and uplifting. Very much in line with yoga philosophy with the use of sound for harmonising and balancing Body, Mind and Spirit.
Michelle is a wonderful presenter. We recommend the Sound Bath experience to all people.
David Breach, on behalf of the Yoga Teachers Institute of SA Inc.


Having a soundbath in the afternoon of a yoga retreat is a perfect way to follow on from the physical asanas. It allows the work that has preceeded to soak into the body, and to continue the journey of the soul. Drifting off to other dimensions with Michelle's soundbaths is one of my favourite things
- Ruth Miller, Surya Tara Yoga, Adelaide



Words and paper can only hint at the true experience of the Shanti Sound workshops – their magic is better danced, sung and played! The journey was profoundly healing and resonates long after the workshop ends. It is uplifting and grounding, soulful and joyful, light and yet also deeply felt. If these workshops come your way, do whatever you can to get to them, they will change you and your experience of yourself and your voice in unexpected and glorious ways. Om shanti.
- Dr Danielle Every (B. Psych)




Michelle, thank you for a wonderful experience during Sounding the Chakras workshop. I loved every minute of it. You are a great facilitator and a beautiful person.
As a consequence of the workshop I feel my heart is wide open, my lung capacity increased, it's amazing when I now chant 'om' how much longer I can go for, I felt amazing vibration through my body, truly invigorating. Every cell of my body was buzzing. Feeling light and clear.
I highly recommend this workshop to everyone.

- Anna Foster, Yoga & Chakradance teacher


Shanti Sound is healing, enlightening and facilitated with compassion by Michelle. A very enjoyable approach to mantra, affirmation and meditative techniques.
– Petta Musolino, Events Manager- Blessed Gaia

Michelle is a very generous spirit, she creates and hold a beautiful space for the purpose of healing and connecting. Her gentleness invites you to be yourself, be present and to expand your consciousness. The course I experienced, sounding the chakras, was uplifting, inspiring and transformational, I experienced joy, bliss and healing on many levels. I feel grateful to have been able to share in the grace, peace and purpose of Shanti Sound. Thank you, Namaste.
- Cindy-Anne Macdonald

The chakra chanting has cleared many blocks I may have had and allowed me to be more authentic in my everyday moments. The gentle kindness Michelle gives to the group has been an enjoyable uplifting experience. Many Thanks,
-Deb Lange