Therapeutic Soundbath 


Please read the information below first!

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Next Date- 4th May 2018 @ Port Noarlunga

The Arts Centre

22 Gawler St, Port Noarlunga- enter via Ward Street (back entrance)

Fridays 7.30pm (finish around 9.30pm)


The start time is 7.45pm sharp, please arrive anytime from 7.30pm

The back entrance to the Arts Centre is located off Ward St, Port Noarlunga. There is ample parking behind and to the side of this entrance.

Please bring a yoga mat, cushions and blankets to make yourself comfortable. Soundbaths are usually enjoyed laying down, and I highly recommend a bolster or cushions under the knees- this assists to take the pressure off the knees and lower back and increases comfort and relaxation. Even a couple of rolled up towels will do the trick. Chairs are available for anyone who would rather, please let me know in advance.

Please bring some water to drink afterwards. Soundbaths are a relaxation experience which can also allow us to ‘shift our stuff’ on the different levels of being- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Drinking plenty of water can assist the body to flush through anything which has come up to be moved on.

Soundbaths are suitable for children over 12, they need to be able to remain quiet and still during the event, with respect to other participants. This is the responsibility of the parent. Please let me know if you are planning to bring children along.

According to the British Academy of Sound Therapy, Soundbaths may not be suitable for the following: 

Women in the first trimester of pregnancy, or any of the following medical conditions: seizures, epilepsy, clinical depression, bipolar or any serious mental health conditions.

Please advise Michelle if you if you have any metal implants or plates in the body (other than tooth fillings).

Please also refrain from consuming alcohol or recreational drugs for 24 hours prior to Therapeutic Soundbath.

About the Soundbath...

What do you do as a participant?

It's easy...just lie down on a mat, (or sit- up to you), rest, and listen...


Let your mind and body unwind and come into harmony with the vibration and sounds of Crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, Gong, Cosmic Tones, and gentle percussion... Relax, release and renew your being, held in this loving space.


Michelle Byrne holds a Diploma of Music, a Diploma of Community Sound Therapy and Practitioner Level Diploma of Sound Therapy, awarded through the British Academy of Sound Therapy. At Pt Noarlunga she is usually joined by her husband James Byrne, who holds a Cert IV in Music and is the craftsman of Cosmic Tone Instruments.