Shanti Sound Collective present stunning arrangements of traditional kirtan and sacred songs, creating a fusion of mantra music with a contemporary world music flavour.


Sharing a love of devotional and sacred world music, Shanti Sound Collective have much to offer musically and spiritually. Singing in pure harmonies of the heart, their vocals soar high over musical offerings of contemporary instruments- guitars, bass, and percussion with traditional and cultural instruments including shruti, singing bowls, and mandolin.


Shanti Sound was born in 2011 when Michelle and James Byrne, newlywed musical duo attended an ecstatic chanting retreat with international artists Deva Premal & Miten in Byron Bay, Australia. The experience was lifechanging, and the couple returned home to share a new musical vision.

Shanti Sound Collective performances have featured collaborations with a number of musicians including Natasha Luke, Andy McKechnie (Sundar) and Stuart Rose (The Moor Rose).

Performance highlights include: Festival of Colour (2016), The Theosophical Society National Convention (2015), supporting Murray Kyle (NSW) (2013), and performing at Adelaide's renowned sacred music venue 'Church of the Trinity' for Blessed Gaia's 12.12.12 Festival (2012)

Shanti Sound’s contemporary and original arrangements of Sacred World Music channel the chanting of the ancients into music which is appealing and accessible for today’s audience- journeying from slow and still to rhythmic, high energy numbers, uplifting their audience to sing, move and dance!  

For bookings and enquiries contact:

Michelle Byrne

0401 968 585